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Clinical Services

Luz Saúde, SA, leads one of the largest healthcare groups in expansion and provides services in all medical and surgical areas through 27 units (including 14 private hospitals, 11 private clinics and 2 senior residences). In particular, Hospital da Luz Lisboa guarantees cutting-edge medicine, with rooms prepared for all kinds of procedures, namely robotic surgery (Da Vinci Si HD) and minimally invasive surgery (OR1 intelligent room), neurosurgery (neuronavigation system), as well as intraoperative computed tomography (CT).

The hospital runs a comprehensive training programme aimed at all health professionals and meets existing certifications, with the support of Hospital da Luz Learning Health. Of particular note is the wide range of specific areas for theoretical classes and practical and simulated training for students at its new hospital:

  • Two auditoriums with capacity for 80 and 220 seats, equipped with state-of-the-art technology that allows simultaneous connection to operating theatres, procedure rooms and/or spaces in the simulation centre;
  • Multidisciplinary consultation room with seating for 40, which allows images to be viewed with excellent resolution, electronic clinical records to be consulted and filled in by the team, and remote connection to specialists;
  • 1,300m2 simulation centre, on a par with the best in the world;
  • Innovation lab with 100m2.

For more than 500 years, the Misericórdias have been providing social and health support in the community, always adapted to the needs of each time. With vast experience in health care, they have reference units in hospital care and, throughout the territory, in the area of long-term care and primary health care, thus ensuring continuity of care at local level.
In addition to the well-being of the people who come to their units, the Misericórdias promote a national strategy for the local and coordinated organisation of healthcare.